Polypropylene reinforced with 20% glass
fiber, with UV stabilizer


Bermuda Blue: RAL 5012
Sandy White: RAL 9003

Adjusting mechanism

Stainless steel 316




Height: 61 cm / Width: 45 cm/ Depth: 78 cm


6 kg


150 kg


3 years


Always get into the AQWASEAT from inside the pool! Do NOT enter the AQWASEAT from the pool deck with in-ground pools.

The seat is made of Polyprolene & 20% Glass Fiber reinforcement and the Feet are made of EPDM with screws in RVS 316.

We offer a Three-Year Warranty covering any defect in materials or workmanship. If your product becomes defective within the warranty term, contact our customer service

Returns are accepted within 30 days of the purchase date. The AQWASEAT must be in its original, unused condition upon return for a full refund. The purchaser is responsible for all expenses related to packaging and shipping. Reuse of the original shipping box is accepted and recommended.

The AQWASEAT has two feet with a screw design so you simply twist the feet to the required distance.

The revolutionary top grip in combination with the two feet and your own body weight keeps the seat in place. The gills on both end corners of the seat helps the AQWASEAT easily sink into the water.

Yes, AQWASEAT is developed for most above ground pool sides like steel frame, glass or wide borders.

Yes it comeswith a designed grip set which is designed to fit almost any in-ground pool with a flat border on all sides of the pool.

No. We designed the AQWASEAT for usage in the pool only.

The AQWASEAT can hold a person up to 120 Kg easily inside the water. We guarantee up to 150 Kg when used correctly.

Do not use the seat as a diving board or a toy for children.

The AQWASEAT was designed to sit on and relax.